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Welcome to my blog!

I’m a Colorado mountain girl living near the beach in Southern Spain.   While I love the long walks on the beach with my dog, my spirit breathes differently in the mountains.  Some day I’m going to buy me some cowboy boots and retire back in Colorado.

We have set up camp in southern Europe to be close to missionaries and humanitarian workers in the Middle East and Africa where we run a hub called Sent Well  that provides counseling, training, leadership and transition coaching, and spiritual direction.   We work with many people in transition:  people moving cross-culturally, marriages in crisis, teams in various stages of growth (or implosion), and gifted people in burnout or a spiritual desert.  In other words, we see a lot of people in upheaval.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade helping our sending agency CRM (Church Resource Ministries) walk through a cultural transition to increase gender diversity among their leaders.  I deeply long to see men and women partnering together in ways that honor their gender and gifting and reflect the mystery and partnership of our Trinitarian God.  I actually think gender is a beautiful gift; both men and women are needed to reflect the nature of God.

I have an undergraduate degree in International Studies and a masters in Communication, both from the University of Denver.   At this season in my life, my primary focus is writing, leading retreats, finishing well with my teenagers, and holding down the fort while my husband goes out to save the world.  As a gifted trauma psychologist, Alex is not afraid to face the darkness of the human heart nor walk with people through their most horrific experiences– all because he has seen the redemption God can bring to even the worst evil.

I have experienced the beauty of love as it is designed to be through my husband.  I was discovered, pursued, romanced, and invited into marriage 23 years ago when he knelt before me in a wrinkled tuxedo in front of a medieval church where I was working as a bike guide in France.  Alex gave flesh and bones to God’s love, inviting me into healing, forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance.

Then I got healthy enough to speak into his life and things got messier.  My basic philosophy is that marriage will give you a soulmate AND a structure to perfectly align your junk with your partner’s junk, and invite you both into a difficult and rewarding journey of growth.  It is not for the faint-hearted.

I’m a Truth-Teller, but I hate to hurt people’s feelings.   I have chosen to live abroad, but really miss the comforts of America like convenience foods, decorated paper napkins, and Target.   I want so badly to be hip, but love to be in bed at 10 pm.  I love community, but like to do my own thing.   I have a high value on education, but let my kids skip an alarming amount of school.


We are in the throes of parenting three adolescent girls… three wonderful, opinionated, moody, quirky, partially American/partially Spanish, global living young people.   The challenge of raising girls in this age to root their sense of self in the security of God’s love and not in their bodies, their achievements, or the approval of others; to give them confidence that they can powerfully impact their generation; to give them hope and courage in a world that is increasingly hostile to their faith; and to mentor them in areas where I am still learning myself, drives me to my knees DAILY.

So that is a little about me.  Chances are pretty good you have landed on this page in some sort of major transition… a death, a move, a broken relationship, a career change, a life stage transition.  I want you to know:  Transition is hard.  Transition is disorienting.  You are not alone.  And there is FRUIT on the other side of this season that you and others will enjoy.   I know because I’ve lived it and seen it in the lives of many.  Looking forward to helping you to discover the beauty in your upheaval.

Amy Laviolette Galloway, M.A.

Amy Galloway

If I am not writing on this blog... I am either doing a power consult with someone about what they should do with their lives, desperately trying to avoid the chocolate in my kitchen drawer, sitting on my terrace drinking coffee with God, talking a teenager down from the ledge, giving my husband "helpful" insights about how to run our team, or taking a Spanish siesta.

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